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Everything around (bio)diversity and co-evolutionary systems

  • Protection, analysis and regeneration of ecological biodiversity
  • (Bio)diversity as a capital investment
  • The integration of the systemic dimension into the decision-making process


Modern culture dominates the biosphere like no culture has done before. Unfortunately, our culture has also brought about an unprecedented extinction of species and is forcing large ecosystems to undergo radical structural changes.

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We do not need to completely abolish our current processes; we simply have to expand them to include the systemic perspective. However, the systemic expansion of the decision-making process is far from easy.

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It was some 220 years ago that Alexander von Humboldt set off on his famous voyages of discovery. To mark his 250th birthday, he was celebrated all over the world as an outstanding scientist and the father of the environmental movement.

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Here at alex2020 gmbh, we are committed to the promotion of (bio)diversity. We will be happy to show you why (bio)diversity is both important and of potential commercial interest.

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