Here at alex2020 gmbh, we are committed to the promotion of (bio)diversity. We will be happy to show you why (bio)diversity is both important and of potential commercial interest.

We offer general assistance with the systemic analysis of environmental and economic questions. We will also be more than happy to help you with the development and implementation of comprehensive decision-making mechanisms that accommodate partial analysis, the systemic perspective and ethical considerations.


No man is an island, Everyone and everything is always part of multiple systems

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What has happened to one of the earth’s oldest ecosystems, the forest?

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economic advice

Like the biosphere, the best way to understand the economy from an analytical perspective is as a complex co-evolutionary system.

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co-evolutionary systems

The analytical concept of co-evolutionary systems guided by meaning forms the basic framework of our considerations.

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for all in the family

It almost seems that all efforts to eliminate the subjective and/or normative elements from science and thus from “enlightened” decision-making were ultimately in vain.

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