co-evolutionary systems

The analytical concept of co-evolutionary systems guided by meaning forms the basic framework of our considerations. It is for the classic empirical approach, particularly in relation to dynamic patterns. It also takes account of the fact that systemic rules and regulations are not only defined by the laws of nature but also that the systemic purposes of human systems and our interpretations of the biosphere are determined by cultural factors. Depending on which theoretical objectives and consideration mechanisms prevail in a certain culture, the structures compatible with these assumptions will in reality develop within the bounds of the applicable laws of nature. In the Bible, it is said that “the Word became flesh”. The real world therefore always reflects the culturally determined significance represented by the purpose, rules and regulations that result from a culture-specific world view.

We humans often assign these purposes to the systems. A purpose and the rules and regulations derived from them can result not only from our own world view, however; they can also be agreed or simply enforced through our own power. Given the impending structural changes in the biosphere, our practice over the last 150 to 200 years of regarding world views as a purely private matter can no longer be maintained.

The acceptance of this fact has two far-reaching consequences for decision-making. The expansion of the relevant dimensions in the analysis of co-evolutionary systems requires the integration of both subjective, normative variables into the conventional systemic framework and the simultaneous analysis of both the individual and the systemic perspective in all decision-making processes.

The concept of co-evolutionary systems guided by meaning offers a platform for formulating the applicable identity of an extremely wide variety of systems. This is without doubt a delicate issue and, as history has shown, this power of formulation is open to dictatorial abuse. But the alternative would be the survival of the fittest, and unfortunately we are all too well aware where that can lead.